Flying to Brazil!

Hey gang!
     I’m getting ready to fly out of O’Hare airport in Chicago toward our first stop, Panama City. I won’t be able to spend too much time in Panama City because I will only have an hour to get off of my first plane and get onto my second and final plane to Brazil. Here is what my boarding pass (the ticket I show to get on the plane) looks like for my final flight from Panama City, Panama to Manaus, Brazil:

As you all may know, Panama City is the capital of the long slender country of Panama. I’m sure you have heard of Panama before because of the Panama Canal, a man-made waterway that creates a shortcut from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean without having to go Aaaallllll the way around South America. Since there is no straight flight from Chicago to Brazil I am taking a plane to Panama City in Central America and then from Panama City to Manaus, Brazil in South America. Here is a map of North and South America so that you can better understand just how far I have to go. Try and find Chicago, Panama, and Manaus, Brazil. Image

Similar to Costa Rica to its North, Panama has a variety of ecosystems including Rainforest. While I was visiting Costa Rica’s Rainforests last winter, I saw everything from sloths, to poisonous snakes (pit vipers), to monkeys hanging in the trees. Because Costa Rica and Panama are in the southern hemisphere, our winter in the U.S.A. is their summertime. In general, because Costa Rica and Panama are closer to the equator (the center-line of the earth) than the U.S. is, they have a tendency to be hotter and the weather is less variant (doesn’t go all up and down like crazy). This is because the equator of the Earth is closer to the sun. So the further away that a country is from the equator, the colder it gets. This is why the North and South Pole are sooooo cold, because they are as far away from the equator, and thus the sun, as possible. Enough with the geography lesson though, lets skip to the cute animal pictures. I would like for you children/young adults/tweens #teenagegirlsdontliketobecalledchildren #idc, to research what a sloth looks like if you don’t already know. If you do already know what a sloth looks like, then this is an excuse to look at cute pictures of sloths on google without people judging you. Be able to identify the sloth as this will be included on the final jungle animal test. I would also like for you to post a comment with any questions you have about this post. Relevant questions would include questions on rainforests, airports, flying, travel, Panama, Costa Rica, geography, native flora and fauna (plants and animals) of Panama, etc. I look forward to hearing from you and God Bless!
Mr. Tom #1


6 thoughts on “Flying to Brazil!

  1. Marlee Jaay

    Dear Tom #1,

    Nice looking plane ticket you’ve got there. I did your assignment and I learned that sloths come down from their tree once a week to urinate and poop. Cool right? We’d have to wear like… depends to accomplish that. I also learned that when sloths die, the can maintain their grip on the tree branch that they were holding. Their claws are really only for defense from their main predators which are snakes, eagles, and jaguars. Sloths sleep about 10 hours a day. Seems like they’re living the good life. Keep up the posting home skillet.

    Lots of love,
    Marlee Jaay.
    #We’reallsloths. #comeback. #Slothinvasion.

  2. Savoy

    Dear Mr Tom,

    I like what you said on your page.I learned that sloths only poop once a week. I also learned that some can wrap thier arms around themself. Also thank you for sending a post. Can’t wait until you come back!


  3. A'Nileigh

    Dear Mr.Tom,

    Hi this is A’Nileigh we all do miss you .
    We did do the assignment you assigned us.
    Such as:
    Sloths are medium -sized mammals
    They belong to the families of megalonychidae.
    They sleep up ut 15-18hr a day and their tail is usually 2.5-9cm.
    The bulk of their diets consists of buds, tendershoots, and even leaves.

    After all of that how are you? What are you doing now?
    Are you happy with the people you sat with on your flight?
    Were they nice or mean? Did they loose your bags or what?
    Dont forget to reply and write every day .


    1. jungleblogtom Post author

      Great Research girls! I actually did know that statistic about them coming to the ground very rarely. The reason for that is because the ground is much more likely to attract predators then their tree hangouts. Another cool thing about sloths is the name. The word “sloth” is an old synonym for “lazy,” and in Panama and Costa Rica they are called “Perezosos” which directly translates to “lazy” in English. Given what you all learned about how much they sleep and how little they move, I’m sure you can see why the name is fitting.
      Now to those questions from A’Nileigh…
      1) I am exhausted but excited! I spent about 9 hours flying and about 4 hours waiting in lines.
      2) The people I sat with on my first flight were visiting their dad in Bolivia. There was a boy sophmore in high school, a girl senior in high school, and one girl college student. They all live in Michigan but fly to visit their dad once every other year. They had no parents with them and spoke fluent Spanish and English. They were very cool and we talked about soccer basically the whole time.
      3) They did not misplace my bags and I was very impressed with how nice everyone at the airline was. In Panama City I had to order subway entirely in Spanish though because no one there knew English! Savoy and Marlee still owe me a question. Did anyone find all three places on the map??

  4. Marlee Jaay

    Dear Tom #1,

    Sorry about leaving you hanging with no question for your great little head to ponder on, so I will magically generate one in the pretty, glorious head of mine. Do you sleep well at night? Are you home sick? How are the bathrooms there? What do you eat for breakfast? Do you miss me and my fantastical sense of humor? Duh, of course you do (:

    Tom #2

  5. A'Nileigh

    Dear Mr.Tom

    I love the great reply, I’m glad that you had some one to talk to and I love how they were super nice to you, but sorry about the hotel. Make sure you find Internet access soon, and tell me if you have seen the world cup.

    A’Nileigh Wren


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