Welcome to Brazil

Hey Crew!

Since I have arrived in Brazil people have been very friendly. Manaus does not have a big city feel even though it has 2 million people because it still feels like you are right outside the Amazon. There are no huge buildings to be seen, and the streets are narrow and hilly. Traffic is absolutely ridiculous. On the flight in, I could see the Amazon River, and since it was night time I would see a light from a small boat every mile or so along the water.

I am now posting this from my phone because the small hotel I am in doesn’t even have a single computer. Believe it or not, this is one of the nicer hotels in town because it actually has internet and decent water. Tomorrow will be my tour of Manaus and my first experience with the Amazon! I’m sorry but until I have access to a computer in a couple of days I will be unable to post pictures on here for you all to see. Don’t worry though, I’m still taking them to show you! No assignment for today because it is the weekend and you probably won’t read this until Monday! God Bless!

Mr. Tom



3 thoughts on “Welcome to Brazil

  1. Savoy

    Dear Mr.Tom,

    Sorry for leaving you hanging with no questions. But i do have one question. What is the name of the hotel you are in? And how was when you watched the world cup soccer games. Hope you have fun. See you soon.


  2. jungleblogtom Post author

    The Hotel I was in in Manaus was just the Comfort Inn. lol. They have a lot of the same hotel chains that we have internationally. I have went to one World Cup Game so far that I will describe in my next post! Thanks for the questions and God Bless!
    Mr. Tom

  3. jungleblogtom Post author

    Now in response to Marlee…
    “Do you sleep well at night?”
    At first it was difficult because I am two hours later here in Recife then you are. Manaus is further West so it was a one hour time difference which isn´t so bad. That means that when it is midnight here it is only 10pm there, but my days have been so packed and tiring that I normally have no trouble falling asleep by the end of the day.
    “Are you home sick?”
    Whenever I´m overseas I miss people, like everyone at camp and my Family, and I miss my bed, but today when I was sitting on the beach, drinking out of a coconut, and listening to live music I was alright haha.
    “How are the bathrooms there?”
    I don´t think this is a real question, but I will pretend it is haha. All I can say is that we are Lucky to live in the USA. lol.
    “What do you eat for breakfast?”
    There are a ton of different breakfast foods here in Brazil. My favorites are all of the fresh fruits that you can´t find anywhere else in the world, and since they are right on the coast they often have fish and seafood for breakfast as well. They have butter biscuits that are cooked with cheese in the dough and those things are ridiculous good.
    ” Do you miss me and my fantastical sense of humor?”
    Of Course! I miss everyone at camp and look forward to being home.


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