Welcome to the Jungle!

Hey People!

Two days ago I went into the Amazon Rainforest outside of Manaus by boat from the Amazon River. I would like to post some of the pictures that I took and tell you about some of the things I learned.
Along the river there are floating villages of houses. The reason that they build floating houses is because the Amazon has high tides and low tides as well as a dry season and a rainy season. They build their houses to rise and fall with the water by making them bouyant. Traditionally, the people living in these houses would live off of the jungle by trapping, hunting, and foraging. In recent times, however, they have assimilated into the local city of Manaus´ society (joined the people of the city more). The men now often sell what they collect or fish from the Amazon in the city at the Market. Or they may even have jobs in the city itself, either for the Market or for the industrial sector.
One way that the children of these floating villages make Money is by trapping various animals for the tourists to hold and view. Until the age of 8 children are allowed to follow tradition and learn the ways of their people, but after that the Brazilian government sends a school boat to pick them up for schooling in Manaus every day. Below I have several pictures including a Picture of myself holding a boa constrictor, my father holding a caimin (a small crocodile), some of the floating houses, lilypads with a local bird walking on them, and some local children fishing on a small boat. Please be able to identify the caiman and the boa constrictor for the final jungle test. My next post will include my experience at the games of the world cup. Enjoy and God Bless!






One thought on “Welcome to the Jungle!

  1. Marlee Jaay

    Dear Tom #1,

    Well it’s about time with the pictures, lol. But they’re really nice pictures! I believe this is my last day in camp sadly :c.Although there is a chance of me returning if the job doesn’t start soon enough. But if not, more than likely i’ll be back to visit. I had an amazing time in camp! I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Lots of love,
    Marlee Jaay ;*


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